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The variation on A 581 watch case

Please find the above
Please find the above are all 5 kinds of A 581 watch case

"1" - It's a rare piece; I only had find 2 pieces in my collection. From the craftsmanship of casting, I would say it is from the middle or end of the production.
"2" - The most common watch case in stainless steel version. There's only slight difference in the thickness /length of the lugs, case or the upper ring on different period of production time.
"3" - The regular Chrome platted nickel version during the whole production period. It has two versions for 2 different diameter back case.
"4" "5" - Early A 581 watches case, "4" is stainless steel and "5" is nickel. It has a small size than the laterest A-581. I guess it is produced from 1958 to early 1960. (Please find the bellows photo is the comparison of two generation of A-581 cases.)