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Zuanshi - SB1ZB

SB1ZB slim calendar movement

Zuanshi - SM2H??

SM2H??? automatic day-date

Zuanshi - SBS prototype

SBS slim movement prototype

Zuanshi- 19J Calendar prototype

19J high beat, quick set calendar prototype

Zuanshi - SM1A Calandar 1980 early model

Shanghai Stopwatch Factory case back

Zuanshi - SM1A-K

Left : Shanghai Stopwatch Factory case back
Right Shanghai 4th Watch Factory case back

Zuanshi - SM1A

SM1A piepan dial

SM1A prototype, with S marks on the case back. S Means "Shiji" (prototype)

SM1A movement. The prototype movement have smaller Jewel in size than later movement

Zuanshi - Jin Xing Pocket Watch

Jin Xing (Golden Star) Clock Factory pocket watch


Shanghai Zuanshi (Diamond) Watch Info

I have read a book about the history of Shanghai Zuanshi(Diamond) Watch Factory recently.
Since there is not much info existed for this Chinese famous band. I would like to share the following info to all of you:

1932 The original founder of Diamond Watch Factory – Koo Hai Zheng Opened up a Clock factory by the name of his son and called “Tak On Clock” factory

1937 Factory bombed and destroyed when Japanese invaded Shanghai

1938 Factory rebuilt and renamed as “Jin Xing (Golden Star) Industrial Association”, mainly products – Clock

1950 Factory renamed “:Jin Xing Clock Factory”

1951 First pocket watch had made on April

1952 First stopwatch model# 593 had made

1958 Started produce Military use stopwatch for PLA

1966 Factory renamed as “Shanghai Stop Watch Factory”

1969 1st April, Fist wristwatch model SM1A prototype is born , first lot of internal sells 1400pieces SM1A had made in the year.,

1972 March, whole wristwatch product line changed to 21600bph fast-beat SM1A-K movement
Awarded national No.1 wristwatch award

1974 some prototype had launched to the market

1975 Military use stopwatch production line transfer to Shanghai 2nd Watch Fatory.

1978 Factory renamed as “ Shanghai 4th Factory”
Model SM2H (28800bph automatic date-day-watch, with quick set and hack second function) launched to market. SM2H production ended on 1980 and only 487 pieces had made.

1980~83 The SM2H left behind parts had reproduced 23660 pieces of 19J calendar hand winding watches to the market

1980 1st lot of 7650 pieces, SM1A calendar watches had launched to the market

1982 Total number of 130600 pieces SM1A calendar watches had launched to the market. Join-venture with Shanghai Watch Factory producing SBS1, SBS2 (Slim Movement), SBS1C, SBS2C (Auctomatic Movement) prototype.

1983 The Tenth time of Zuanshi Watch, to get national No.1 award.

1984 September, SBS1B(Calendar movement), SBS3(3.95mm movement), 5250pieces launched to the market. SBS is the prototype is the general name for this slim movement, SB1Z & SB1ZB were used on Zuanshi’s product.

1985 SB1Z SB1ZB launched to the market

1986 13 September, Factory renamed to “Shanghai Zuanshi Watch Factory”