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A crossover of Seiko 6217 n Shanghai SS4 Huoju

I found both bezels were prefect fitted together, the outlook and structure designwere exactly same. For those readers who do not familiar with Seiko – Seiko 6217 was the first Seiko diver from 1965 to 1968. I am wondering, may the Shanghai watch factory copied the bezel design of Seiko?


Micmicmor on “Time” magazine APRIL 21, 2008 issue

It’s a great honor to meet-up Mr Gary Jones for his article about Chinese vintage watches at Times magazine in Shanghai on March. This article had finally printed-out on 21 April issue, URL as follows:

30 March 08, I had met-up Mr Christophe Bosset from Switzerland- Photo Editor of "Time"", Time Asia in Hong Kong and have some photo shooting. I had a great time……… although, it’s quit a boring process.

Thanks Gary, Chris and the sweet lady Ling Liu from Time Asia for your kind effort on this wonderful article.


Baoshihua SZ1A (Early type Baoshihua, dated 1974)

This is another movement - SZ1A. The outlook of this movement has no diffrent than the later SZE. But, it carries a very special code under the balance wheel, in the upper is SZ1A, bottom is "二 74 上". (二 means "the second", 上 means The Shang of Shanghai). I guess the meaning of the bottom code is "Shanghai 2th Watch Factory 1974".

A Comparision of SZ1, SZ1A, SZE movement


Rare Baoshihua SZ1 prototype (1st issued STD Mov'mt, made before 1974)

The attached is the pie-pan Baoshihua with “SZ1” movement. This movement has smaller balance wheel than the later SZE movement and has a special "click" system. The code under the balance wheel; upper is 2GG, bottom is SZ1. I personal think that this is the prototype.


Additional informaton for National Standard Movement SZ1 (Tongji)

Article about SZ1 movement National Standardized movement

"............Ministry of Light Industry called up a meeting for the whole watch manufacturers in December 1969; regarding developing a national standardize watch movement, by the experience of N1 national standardize Clock movement making in 1959. Ministry of Light industry had organized Shanghai Watch & Clock Industry Company, Shanghai Watch Factory, Shanghai 2nd Watch Factory, Beijing, Tianjin, LiaoLing, GuangZhou & XiAn HongQi Watch Factory, XiAn FengLai Meters & Watch Company, together with the Watch & Clock Research Team of Min of Light industry(founded in 1966 in XiAn), the technicians, scholars of Timing instrument pf TianJin University to formed a special project unit. Project started on March 1970. After the movement design, prototype and blue print making, Model “Z1” movement had finalized in November 1971. The Z1 movement with the advantage of simple structure and less parts (83 structures & 109 types of parts) and had reached the accuracy of +- 30seconds per day standard............"

"..................SZ1 standardized movement, S represented ShouBiao (=Watch), Z represented ZhongGuo (= China). Except TianJin Factory's “Seagull” & “DongFeng”, “ZhongShan” band from Nanjing Watch Factory, most factories were using this Standardized movement, they are “ChunLei” & "Shanghai" band from Shanghai 1st Factory, “Double Romb” & “Beijing” band from Beijing Watch Factory, “Butterfly” and “YanAn” from Xi An Hong Qi Watch Factory, “BaoShiHua” form Shanghai 2nd Watch Factory, "Guangzhou" from Guangzhou Watch Factory, "HongQue" from LiaoLing Watch Factory, 'JinMao" from QingTao Watch Factory, "ShangChang" from ChongQing Watch Factory, "SuZhou" from SuZhou Watch Factory, "WuHan" from WuHan Watch Factory……” "

Another article from Shanghai City Government Website

"................First lot of SZE standard movement - BaoShiHua had made by Shanghai 2nd watch factory in 1972. It reached the A grade standard of Ministry of Light Industry with +- 30S/day accuracy.
Mass production of ZSH standard movement by Shanghai Watch Factory started produce in January 1974. SHW factory had also designed and launched series of watch model with ZJH – midsize movement, 19J ZSH/model 1 movement, ZJSH calendar movement and 25J ZCSH automatic movement….."


Shanghai 7's series - model 7621 calendar date-day

Shanghai "Shuang Li" 7621's

Shuang = double; Li = Calendar
An upgrade version of 7221's. It carries ss7 movement with quick-set date-day function. Calendar setting method is same as 7221's, you have to push the stem all the way to the end by turning the crown up and down to set both DD calendar.

Both 7221's & 7621's can consider as rare model as it's the first model which had quick-set function. Compare with 7221's, 7621's are even rarer as the Shanghai watch company has no longer introduced any date-day watch untill SS8 is lauched. The probability to get a 7621's is 10 times harder than a 7221's. Becuase of their unstable date setting design. This model ended and replaced by a more stable and lower-tech model SS7 (3 hrs up & down calendar setting).

Rare Early version of Shanghai Day-date watch

The most early day-date model with no model number marked on the back case.

Shanghi 7621 Date-day Calander watch

A 3 step case 7621 day-date calendar

On the back, it says "Stainless steel 7621 901 Day-date Calander "


Shanghai 7's series - model 7221 calendar

7221, 19J hand winding calendar watch with quick set date function. The quick-set function of this series is quick difference than usual swiss watch. You have to push the stem all the way out to have the calendar setting and time adjust in the mid-way.

Early 7221's with 3 piece watch case. RILI means Calendar

mid-term 7221's dial

laterest 7221's dial

7221's case back

Shanghia 7120 - 7series

The first lot of National Standard Movement (Chinese pingyin "Tongji") was launched by Shanghai the Second Watch Factory in Janury 1972- 17J movement and named BaoShiHua, factory code ZSE.

Shanghai Watch Factory launched their 1st Nation Standard Movement (Factory code ZSH, 7 series) product in 1974. Production peroid of 7 series - 1972~1985, product catergory as follows:

7110 - man size, 19j handwinding, chorme plated top case
7120 - man size, 19j handwinding
7221 - man size calendar, 19j handwinding
7122 - mid size, 19j handwinding
7222 - mid size calendar, 19j handwinding
7621 - man size date-day, 19j handwinding
SS7 - latest standard model for whole 7's series

Rarest model
7420 - man size automatic mov't - 19J? SS7 with automatic device Date/DD version - Protoype
7020- man size calendar mov't, 19j handwinding mov't- the preview model number of SS7
7220- man size calendar mov't, 19j handwinding Calander mov't with quick-set date function as normal swiss watches

Due to their hugh production figure, I suggest collector only collect those;
1. early model of 7's series,
2. special dial
3. special case (3 piece watch case )
4. Calendar watch with quick-set date function


Shanghai 7120's Stainless steel 19J hand-winding early version

Early 7's series dial, above six o'clock on dial
First roll: 19 zuan = 19 jewels
second roll: Zhongguo zhizao = Made in Chian
third roll: Fang Zhen = Shock resistant


Mid term 7's series, "19zuan & FanZhen" will be found on dial


Latest 7's series, English "19 Jewels, Shock resistant" used on dial

A normal stainless steel 7120's back-case

*1st updated 23 April 2009 - add-on 7110 info, photos of "feng-zhen & 19j resit" added
*2 nd updated 24 April 2009 - amended auto version model frm 7624 to 7420,

Shanghai A623a

The second model of Shanghai Calendar watch A623a is the upgraded version of A623 model. It has a upgraded A611a movement(with calendar function) which have semi-wuick-set calendar function (aujusted the calendar by setting 3hrs forward & backward at 12 o'clock).
It is the second generation of Shagnhai calendar watches production years 1965~67; one of a hard to find model of in Shanghai watch series.


Shanghai A623 - The Minister Watch

A623 - The first Calendar Shanghai Watch

The first Calendar watch from Shanghai Watch Factory found in1963. Since the greatest Prime Minister of PRC - Mr Zhou EnLai was the first user and worn it until he had passed-away. There is another name called for this model in China.- the “Minister Watch”. The original Minister's timepiece is now keep and display in National History Museum of China..

A623's were only supplied & provided to those High Ranking government & millitary Leader, which had never had public sell in the market.

Mr Zhou EnLai - The First Prime Minister of PRC

The Fist model of A623, the early writing form of "Zuan" apply on dial.
There are only A623, A656 20J model with found on this form of dial printing.
1st roll - 17Jewels Anti-shock
2nd roll - China, Shanghi
Please note, most after-market 1120's dial had found in this format.

The normal case back for A623's series.
Special version of A-623, in memory of China exploded its first nuclear device in 1964.

Normail version A623. The standardlizied printing format of "Zuan" is used.

623's is the upgarded version of 611. It carried a 17J 611's movement with calander device.
No quick set calendar function (24hours setting).
- Early with 623 has no serial number on the movement (under the balance wheel).
- Movement with screws balance wheel
- Specail nuclear version with 64/65xx engraved on movement and nothing difference than those other latest 623 except the back case. Believed production year from 1964~65.