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Shanghai A623 - The Minister Watch

A623 - The first Calendar Shanghai Watch

The first Calendar watch from Shanghai Watch Factory found in1963. Since the greatest Prime Minister of PRC - Mr Zhou EnLai was the first user and worn it until he had passed-away. There is another name called for this model in China.- the “Minister Watch”. The original Minister's timepiece is now keep and display in National History Museum of China..

A623's were only supplied & provided to those High Ranking government & millitary Leader, which had never had public sell in the market.

Mr Zhou EnLai - The First Prime Minister of PRC

The Fist model of A623, the early writing form of "Zuan" apply on dial.
There are only A623, A656 20J model with found on this form of dial printing.
1st roll - 17Jewels Anti-shock
2nd roll - China, Shanghi
Please note, most after-market 1120's dial had found in this format.

The normal case back for A623's series.
Special version of A-623, in memory of China exploded its first nuclear device in 1964.

Normail version A623. The standardlizied printing format of "Zuan" is used.

623's is the upgarded version of 611. It carried a 17J 611's movement with calander device.
No quick set calendar function (24hours setting).
- Early with 623 has no serial number on the movement (under the balance wheel).
- Movement with screws balance wheel
- Specail nuclear version with 64/65xx engraved on movement and nothing difference than those other latest 623 except the back case. Believed production year from 1964~65.