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Shanghai SEAGULL

Shanghai 1st watch Factory made the same both Chinese and English band name "SEA GULL" .which before SEAGULL watch is launched to public.

Seagull ST-19, China Airforce 1963 reissue

China Airforce 1963 re-issue

Original China Airforce 1963 (picture borrowed)

Rare Seagull Factory 50 Anniversary Watch


Seagull ST-7

ST-7 21J Handwinding regular model

ST-7 21J Handwinding Date-day model
ST-7 29J Automatic Date-day model
Another info on 29J Auto, please refter to follow link

Seagull ST-6

Seagull ST-6

1974, the first Chinese made international watch making standard ladies movement

Handwinding lady movement (picture borrowed)

Automatic 23J movement


Seagull ST5D Automatic 29J calendar watch

Seagull ST5D

ST5-D 29石自動日歴 ....當時嘅最高級机種
Automatic calendar 29J movement. This is the traction version of Dongfeng 29J. It carries a 29J ST5-D Dongfeng movement but with Seagull Dial.

TianJin & Lanhua - Seagull ST-5

Dosmetic Sub-band of Seagull ST-5 watch

Left Tianjin; Right LanHua

Seagull ST-5

1973 Dongfeng renamed as "SEAGULL", and ST-5 had became the first lot of China exported watches model.
ST5 SEAGULL Early non-date version (still using DongFeng movement)

Upper-Left : ordinary ST5 Seagull with date
UpperRight : Railway issue ST5
Lower-Left: Military ST5 for PLA
Lower-Right : National Map Drawing Bureau

Dongfeng ST-5

DongFeng ST-5

1966 100% China designed and made watch "Dongfeng ST-5 19J" is launched
1966年,“東風”牌手錶研製成功(中國第一隻自行設計製造的手錶) 机芯编号 ST-5Quoted from internet "...中国第一只被保留为全国统一机芯的手表。第一只东风手表的问世,带来了国内手表业的高速发展。我国钟表协会为规范技术,组织了全国的制表业专家研究生产统一机芯的问题。确定哪一种机芯适合作为标准来推广是影响到我国整个手表行业的重大事情。所以,专家们把讨论意见上报给国务院,希望有关领导给予批示,时任国家总理的周恩来的答复是“东风表要保留……”。

Early Dongfeng ST-5 (gold and silver pie-pan dial version) 早期東風, 金, 銀字(拱表面)

ST-5 movement ST-5 機芯

variety of early ST-5 case-back 早期東風後盖

Early Dongfeng ST-5 pie-pan dial calendar早期拱面東風日歷

Later Dongfeng ST-5 calendar & flat dial version後期黑面, 日歷..."東風"

"New" Dongfeng ST-5 with "new" English local version最後期換咗新LOGO嘅東風

"Served the People" Dongfeng 原压"為人民服務"東風
Special Dongfeng with "Served the People" slogan on dial. A bit faded out but 100% original. Please aware, there are a lot of aftermarket STP solgan dial DongFeng had found in the market recently!As you can find, the original dial on 6 o'clock area should have nothing printed except the STP slogan.

Other Special Wu-yi

ST-2 to ST-2A, Transcation peroid WuYi
ST2 過渡 ST-2A過渡期雜種版

Unknow ST-2 Wuyi with special marked "YI" on dial (above 6 o'clock location)
ST2A "乙"版

Tianjin ST-2

Rare Tianjin (not Wuyi) ST-2 with 18J movement
ST2的極品......"天津 ST-2 "估計係改廠名出嘅特别版

BUXIUGANG HOUGAI = Stainless Steel Case Back
呢個底盖仲好玩, 叫"BUXIUGANG HOUGAI".....不銹鋼後益

Wuyi –ST-2 & ST-2A

The thrid generation of Wuyi –ST-2 , ST-2A

ST-2 Wuyi

ST-2 17J movement had upgrade to anti-shock system. Early ST-2 share the dial and case of 62-A but case back. May be the factory want to finished those stocked dials & cases before new ST-2A is launched?

ST-2 比以前62A進步咗少少, 就係多咗個防零系統, 表、殼都同62A一樣

ST-2A Wuyi

The watch case and LOGO are redesigned. Printing emble are more often found in the market.
ST2A凸LOGO板,自始以后 五一 LOGO就不再用, 全線手表表殼換新压


Movement had upgraded to 18J with anti-shock system. Later Wuyi ST-2A had also undergo the anti-magnetic process before left the factory.

Case back

Upper - early chrome plated watch-case case back
middle - early stainless steel watch-case case back
Lower - later stainless steel watch-case case back (with antimagnetic marked)


Please note, ST-2A is the last model of "Wuyi" band. "Dongfeng" had take place of the Wuyi band on 1966.

Wuyi – Model # 62-A

The second generation of Wuyi – Model # 62-A

It still carry a non- shock protected movement but have stainless steel version available.

第二代五一表,型號 62-A

Only 17 "Zuan(J)" print under the logo 表面 LOGO 下只寫 “17占”


Non-shock protected balance with slightly difference than #58001
62A 一样用 不防震58001机芯(有点不同)

Case back 底蓋
Early 62-A S.steel case back 不銹鋼 62-A 底蓋

62-A chrome plated model 半鋼(黃銅鍍鉻)62-A 底蓋


Wuyi – Model # 58-001

The first generation of Wuyi – Model # 58-001

1958 Tianjin Wuyi watch factory is found
1958 “Wuyi”is named for the whole product line.
A 17 jewels handwinding Non-shock-protected movement (A.Schild copy) with chormed plated watch case and stainless steel case black.



模仿瑞士A.Schild 17石不防震機芯, 半鋼(黃銅鍍鉻)殼
Movement 機芯
The movement is not standardized until later model ST-2 is made. Even early 58-001 have variety on movement as well as the watch case back
3 different case back is identified as Wuyi 58001 model watch
Early “Made in Tianjin, China” model 天津製造平底版58001
Traditional-Chinese writing case back with Wrench hole on edge繁體字版(帶開表牙位)
Simply-Chinese writing case back. 58001簡體字版
Movement Spacer 機芯壓圈 ”c”
Crown 表"的"
“17 jewels Water-proofed watch” under the Wuyi emblem can only found in those very early 58-001 dial.