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Wuyi – Model # 58-001

The first generation of Wuyi – Model # 58-001

1958 Tianjin Wuyi watch factory is found
1958 “Wuyi”is named for the whole product line.
A 17 jewels handwinding Non-shock-protected movement (A.Schild copy) with chormed plated watch case and stainless steel case black.



模仿瑞士A.Schild 17石不防震機芯, 半鋼(黃銅鍍鉻)殼
Movement 機芯
The movement is not standardized until later model ST-2 is made. Even early 58-001 have variety on movement as well as the watch case back
3 different case back is identified as Wuyi 58001 model watch
Early “Made in Tianjin, China” model 天津製造平底版58001
Traditional-Chinese writing case back with Wrench hole on edge繁體字版(帶開表牙位)
Simply-Chinese writing case back. 58001簡體字版
Movement Spacer 機芯壓圈 ”c”
Crown 表"的"
“17 jewels Water-proofed watch” under the Wuyi emblem can only found in those very early 58-001 dial.