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Wuyi –ST-2 & ST-2A

The thrid generation of Wuyi –ST-2 , ST-2A

ST-2 Wuyi

ST-2 17J movement had upgrade to anti-shock system. Early ST-2 share the dial and case of 62-A but case back. May be the factory want to finished those stocked dials & cases before new ST-2A is launched?

ST-2 比以前62A進步咗少少, 就係多咗個防零系統, 表、殼都同62A一樣

ST-2A Wuyi

The watch case and LOGO are redesigned. Printing emble are more often found in the market.
ST2A凸LOGO板,自始以后 五一 LOGO就不再用, 全線手表表殼換新压


Movement had upgraded to 18J with anti-shock system. Later Wuyi ST-2A had also undergo the anti-magnetic process before left the factory.

Case back

Upper - early chrome plated watch-case case back
middle - early stainless steel watch-case case back
Lower - later stainless steel watch-case case back (with antimagnetic marked)


Please note, ST-2A is the last model of "Wuyi" band. "Dongfeng" had take place of the Wuyi band on 1966.