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Dongfeng ST-5

DongFeng ST-5

1966 100% China designed and made watch "Dongfeng ST-5 19J" is launched
1966年,“東風”牌手錶研製成功(中國第一隻自行設計製造的手錶) 机芯编号 ST-5Quoted from internet "...中国第一只被保留为全国统一机芯的手表。第一只东风手表的问世,带来了国内手表业的高速发展。我国钟表协会为规范技术,组织了全国的制表业专家研究生产统一机芯的问题。确定哪一种机芯适合作为标准来推广是影响到我国整个手表行业的重大事情。所以,专家们把讨论意见上报给国务院,希望有关领导给予批示,时任国家总理的周恩来的答复是“东风表要保留……”。

Early Dongfeng ST-5 (gold and silver pie-pan dial version) 早期東風, 金, 銀字(拱表面)

ST-5 movement ST-5 機芯

variety of early ST-5 case-back 早期東風後盖

Early Dongfeng ST-5 pie-pan dial calendar早期拱面東風日歷

Later Dongfeng ST-5 calendar & flat dial version後期黑面, 日歷..."東風"

"New" Dongfeng ST-5 with "new" English local version最後期換咗新LOGO嘅東風

"Served the People" Dongfeng 原压"為人民服務"東風
Special Dongfeng with "Served the People" slogan on dial. A bit faded out but 100% original. Please aware, there are a lot of aftermarket STP solgan dial DongFeng had found in the market recently!As you can find, the original dial on 6 o'clock area should have nothing printed except the STP slogan.