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Recent China PLA Military Diver

A most recent official PLA Navy diver, 21j, day-date automatic“Miyota”movement, mineral crystal, one way rotated bezel with solid stainless steel oyster strap. It is a very Rolex Submariner look alike watch.

This a very special presentation watch to the particular person (Awarded? General?) in the navy. The original owner's name is printed on the dial above the 6 hour marker. I have also found another version with navy unit number and some commercial version with nothing imprint on dial instead.

Omega - China Railway Pocket Watch

The China Railway Bureau had ordered a lot of ? pieces cal.161 pocket watch from Omega Watch Company on 1951. It has white porcelain dial with 44mm chrome plated watch case, each case back has Railway Bureau symbol and 4 digits serial number engraved.
Even those, they are not chronometer grade or real railway grade movement watches, but they are the fist lot of official-ordered timepiece from the People Republic of China. Thus, they are highly collectable since not many piece has existed and survived. These watches were only delivery and assigned to those high ranking leader in the old days.

China Railway Bureau symbol and a officer badge

Omega cal.161 movement


Shanghai Watch model 611's series

This is quit tough to categorized the whole Shanghai 611's series, since 100% original, untouched 611 are hardy found in the market. Uncounted movements or oldest dials had transformed to high value model 581 or had replaced the more reliable 1120's regulator unit in the old day.I can only identify each model by my own theoretical theory and the actual pieces on my collection....






Super Rare 14K Rose-gold“YouYi - Friendship"

OK, This is not a Chinese watch! It is a 1954, Soviet Union made show-piece watch, carries Chinese character "FriendShip" & number 1~12 on dial.

Story behind:
On 2nd October 1954, “Exhibition of Economic and Cultural Achievements of USSR” was held in Moscow Exhibition Centre Complex, Beijing. This was the first international? exhibition take place in China when new China is born. It introduce & display the heavy & light industry material & products, cultural & art of USSR to public. USSR Chairman Khrushchev and Premier Zhou held the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the opening day.
This 14K rose gold “Youyi – Friendship”watch was made by 1st Moscow Watch Factory and as one of the display item at the exhibition.

I got this watch from an Israel collector year ago. Compare with the later mass production “Youyi – Friendship. It carries a 15j, dated 54-2 movement and of course it’s beautiful handmade solid gold-case. The number of production is unknown, but sure is very limited.

The above is the mass prooduct 17J, chorme plated "Youyi-Friendship" by Chistopol Watch Factory on 1957/58. You can identifly both watches by the date-stamp on the movement and also the difference of printing artwork of the dial. Although, it was a mass production, but it's already hard to found in China now a day. Please beware, most of the "Youyi - Friendship" are redone dial by the common "Kama" on the market.

The common "Kama" watch shared the same watch case "Youyi-Friendship" by Chistopol Watch Factory on 50's.


Rare SS4 24J AUTO, Shanghai Military Watch

From 1970 to 1976, Shanghai Watch Factory had produced about 30000 piece of SS4 24J automatic military watch for PLA commander.
The most popular model out of the whole Shanghai Watches series. Original and mint condition is very hard to find, but I would say the original stainless steel strap is more hard to find than the watch in fact.
When you have a chance to catch this gem stone, you should check the following features:
1. the dial must original dial as well as the calendar
2. the calendar should be in red color
3. the bezel has no-crack or re-glued situation- can rotate freely
4. the crystal must have calendar window
5. the crown should lock freely
6. of course the movement should in good condition, engraved with SS4 and follow with 2 alphabet

BS2 Beijing with Slogan

A rare Beijing model BS2 with Gold Tiananmen logo, silver marker and "Served the people" on dial


Shanghai City Government Record About Shanghai Watch Factory Early Produts

Since there is no official document has left from former Shanghai Watch Factory, the only reliable and available document is the record from the Shanghai City Government website about their light industry history.

I have translated a small paragraph here, I think it may good for Chinese vintage watch collectors to share.


“From 1965 onward, Shanghai Watch Industry had invented and developed, model 591 automatic movement watch, model 611, 631, 657 mid-size men watch and the high grade A641 24J mechanical men watch. The movement power-reserve had increase to 45hrs from 40hrs since model SS1A had launched. The 1st million production was in 1968 and had increase to 2.28 million on 1970. The factory had also produced SSI/1 mid-size men watch, SS4, SS4H-K 19J mechanical men watch, SS4B 19J calendar men watch, SS2C 29J automatic men watch, SS4C 24J automatic calendar men watch, SS6P automatic calendar men watch & SS2B 29 automatic calendar watch, etc. On 1972, SSI had enhanced to SSIK high beat movement from 18000 bph increased to 21600 bph; daily average error had improved from 45s/day to 30s/day and it also reached the National 1st grade standard.”


Shanghai Watch Factory Product 1958~68 updated

Rare 19J Zuanshi

Why it is rare?
- pie-pan dial with golden marker
-19J movement, look like a SS1 movement
-A 1120’s alike S.Steel watch case, and it doesn’t look like the sharp of Zuanshi elder members SM1A or SM1A-K chrome plated case
-There is no factory name marked on either the movement or the watch case
I am wondering it may be the recorded “19J, SS4 –K” movement and a prototype Zuanshi watch made from Shanghai Watch factory before the Shanghai Stop Watch factory adopted the Zuanshi name. It just like the story of Shanghai Watch Factory made old “Seagull” band.
It could be the SM1A prototype or those unknow prototype produced on 1974?? couldn't find any information on my book....edited on 21 OCT2007