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Rare 19J Zuanshi

Why it is rare?
- pie-pan dial with golden marker
-19J movement, look like a SS1 movement
-A 1120’s alike S.Steel watch case, and it doesn’t look like the sharp of Zuanshi elder members SM1A or SM1A-K chrome plated case
-There is no factory name marked on either the movement or the watch case
I am wondering it may be the recorded “19J, SS4 –K” movement and a prototype Zuanshi watch made from Shanghai Watch factory before the Shanghai Stop Watch factory adopted the Zuanshi name. It just like the story of Shanghai Watch Factory made old “Seagull” band.
It could be the SM1A prototype or those unknow prototype produced on 1974?? couldn't find any information on my book....edited on 21 OCT2007