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Super Rare 14K Rose-gold“YouYi - Friendship"

OK, This is not a Chinese watch! It is a 1954, Soviet Union made show-piece watch, carries Chinese character "FriendShip" & number 1~12 on dial.

Story behind:
On 2nd October 1954, “Exhibition of Economic and Cultural Achievements of USSR” was held in Moscow Exhibition Centre Complex, Beijing. This was the first international? exhibition take place in China when new China is born. It introduce & display the heavy & light industry material & products, cultural & art of USSR to public. USSR Chairman Khrushchev and Premier Zhou held the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the opening day.
This 14K rose gold “Youyi – Friendship”watch was made by 1st Moscow Watch Factory and as one of the display item at the exhibition.

I got this watch from an Israel collector year ago. Compare with the later mass production “Youyi – Friendship. It carries a 15j, dated 54-2 movement and of course it’s beautiful handmade solid gold-case. The number of production is unknown, but sure is very limited.

The above is the mass prooduct 17J, chorme plated "Youyi-Friendship" by Chistopol Watch Factory on 1957/58. You can identifly both watches by the date-stamp on the movement and also the difference of printing artwork of the dial. Although, it was a mass production, but it's already hard to found in China now a day. Please beware, most of the "Youyi - Friendship" are redone dial by the common "Kama" on the market.

The common "Kama" watch shared the same watch case "Youyi-Friendship" by Chistopol Watch Factory on 50's.