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Additional informaton for National Standard Movement SZ1 (Tongji)

Article about SZ1 movement National Standardized movement

"............Ministry of Light Industry called up a meeting for the whole watch manufacturers in December 1969; regarding developing a national standardize watch movement, by the experience of N1 national standardize Clock movement making in 1959. Ministry of Light industry had organized Shanghai Watch & Clock Industry Company, Shanghai Watch Factory, Shanghai 2nd Watch Factory, Beijing, Tianjin, LiaoLing, GuangZhou & XiAn HongQi Watch Factory, XiAn FengLai Meters & Watch Company, together with the Watch & Clock Research Team of Min of Light industry(founded in 1966 in XiAn), the technicians, scholars of Timing instrument pf TianJin University to formed a special project unit. Project started on March 1970. After the movement design, prototype and blue print making, Model “Z1” movement had finalized in November 1971. The Z1 movement with the advantage of simple structure and less parts (83 structures & 109 types of parts) and had reached the accuracy of +- 30seconds per day standard............"

"..................SZ1 standardized movement, S represented ShouBiao (=Watch), Z represented ZhongGuo (= China). Except TianJin Factory's “Seagull” & “DongFeng”, “ZhongShan” band from Nanjing Watch Factory, most factories were using this Standardized movement, they are “ChunLei” & "Shanghai" band from Shanghai 1st Factory, “Double Romb” & “Beijing” band from Beijing Watch Factory, “Butterfly” and “YanAn” from Xi An Hong Qi Watch Factory, “BaoShiHua” form Shanghai 2nd Watch Factory, "Guangzhou" from Guangzhou Watch Factory, "HongQue" from LiaoLing Watch Factory, 'JinMao" from QingTao Watch Factory, "ShangChang" from ChongQing Watch Factory, "SuZhou" from SuZhou Watch Factory, "WuHan" from WuHan Watch Factory……” "

Another article from Shanghai City Government Website

"................First lot of SZE standard movement - BaoShiHua had made by Shanghai 2nd watch factory in 1972. It reached the A grade standard of Ministry of Light Industry with +- 30S/day accuracy.
Mass production of ZSH standard movement by Shanghai Watch Factory started produce in January 1974. SHW factory had also designed and launched series of watch model with ZJH – midsize movement, 19J ZSH/model 1 movement, ZJSH calendar movement and 25J ZCSH automatic movement….."