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A-581 case back production dates

There are12 variation on a-581 watch case back. Since all case back (except the latest model) are compatible each other, so, unless you are the first hand owner of your A-581 and you should never be trusted you have a right case back.
Collector always has his own theory on verify the production dates of these case back and so am I..

# 1 - 1958~1960. The opening slot still exited. You can chase back the same slot design to their prototypes products on 1956 to 58, but with different diameter and engraving only.
#2 - 1960~1961. The slot disappeared and has changed to polygon shape flat bits (can only be opened by factory made case-wrench). It still carry the same case back pattern of 58~60 models (# 1)

#3 - 1961~1963. It has the same thickness of case#2 and also flatten in shape, except the whole engraved pattern has redesigned. It was only for chrome plated model.
#4 - 1961~1962. It carries the same pattern as #3. #3 & #4 were at the same production dates and #4 was only for the stainless steel case watch

#6 - 1962~1963 for stainless steel model. The fist engraved and stated ”Quan Gang(Stainless case & back)” case back in the whole Shanghai watch series.
#5 & #7 – 1963~1964; #5 was for stainless steel watch and #7 for chrome plated. Please note, starting from this lot of A-581 series has been changed to A581 officially.

There was another variation for #5,6,7 case back - with a serial number of 63xxxxxx marked on the other side of caseback. Nobody knows why, but it could firmly prove their production dates.

#8 & #9 – 1964~1965; #9 was for stainless steel watch and #8 for chrome plated. The are two difference screw diameter of #8 case back has been found, 29mm & 30mm. From 1958~1965, Shanghai Watch Factory product had hold the same 29mm inner screwed diameter case back of their products. Starting from1965, the whole production line had changed to 30mm.
#10& #11– 1965~1967; both 10 &11 were also for chrome plated watch. Please note, starting from 1965, A581 has been changed to mode 581 and also this is the end of the whole A-581 watch series production.
Since so many model 611, 623, SS1…had launched to the market during 1965~66, there were so many choice for buyers, so it might be the reason for Shanghai Factory terminated the 581 production.

#12 ….A -591…1959~60 case back.

If you are luck enough you could find a rare A-591 case back or even the rarest prototype case back!!

A - A-591 case back with prototype mark
B - A-591 case back with 3 prototype mark
C - A-581 case back with prototype mark