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Shanghai A581 watch-hands variation

The above A, B, C, D are the rare hands, not much found in the market.
E (Dauphine), F (leaf) hands are the most common hands in the series.
"A" hands, I have only a pair has found out of hundreds.
"B" (Dauphine) - just the Stainless steel version of "E" hands. It must come with a white face and silver markers' dial 581. White dial 581 is a rare item!
"C"(Index) - is also the rare hands, but have more often found than A B D.
"D"(Dauphine) - the luminous version of "E" only come with luminous 582 model. 582 is the lumous version of 581, but only one piece has found by rumor. I am very doubt about the existing of model 582!
Please note all the originial hours and minutes hands should be very flat on the surface..NO Floding in middle!!
All A 581 second hand only have arrow pointer or without pointer version....BUT NO BALL pointer at all!!!