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Rare Shanghai 1120 - ZheJiang made Shanghai

Rare ZheJuang made 1120 with old pinyin " 17 Zhan" instead of "17 Zuan"

Both version of ZheJiang made Shanghai - 1120

Due to the massive demanding of Shanghai watches for the people in China on 60's~70's, Shanghai Watch Factory had sent some of its products to its neighbor province ZheJiang to assemble and have further processing. But even now a day, there were still not much collector knew what model it should be or how their look likes. I was only aware until I found this Zhe Jiang Zhi(made) 1120.

A lot of collector still classified these kind of Shanghai watch dials(without ZJZ mark) as the rare A-581 dials, since most vintage watch seller put this dial on A-581 movement and ask for higher price. This JZ Zhi dial would be a good evidence for those collectors who still persist on this identity.