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Shanghai A-581

Photo : Shanghai Watch, model: A581 (rare dial)
Shanghai A-581; production period 1958 ~1967 - The most popular collecting model out of thousand Chinese vintage watches in China. It also the first step stone for most of Chinese vintage watch collector as well as me.
The value of A-581 watches as well as those rare Chinese watches are still underestimated in the world or even in the local Watch Market. I think it's price will be rising like a rocket when most people know it or the vintage watch market in China is getting more mature. Recently, I have found some Japanese Collectors are started to find this model in China and I can smell the day of its coming is not far.
Due to demand of A-581 in China is getting higher and its parts are all compactable with its later model, so that there is a lot of cocktails A-581 watches have found in the market. On the other hand, there is no book, websites has introduced Chinese vintage watches. It always a problem to new comer to get information on this watch. I will show you the method to Identify the original 581 model by my next article.