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Prototype Shanghai Diver (Quartz) - upgraded version of SS4

Prototype Shanghai Diver made by Shanghai City Watch & Clock Research Centre early 80's. It's an upgrade version of SS4 with an hacking quartz calander movement. It had never launched to the market!

The dial showed "Shiying Dian Zi" = Quartz

The bezel has been modifield from fragile plastic to metal (look like copper) and carries an SS4 alike unmarked screw-down crown.

Typical SH watch case-back with very unusal engraving.
First role: Quartz Calandar Diving S-Steel Anti-magnetic
Central: Prototype
Bottom: Shanghai City Watch & Clock Reserach Centre

movement with steel cover-shell

1.5v button battery operated DSE movement
new meteal bezel with 'click' system
Concerned disscussion
1st updated; photos of movement/bezel on 27APR09